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Eleven facts about the gap between First Nations and the rest of Canada

TEDxTheGlebeWomen - Watch President and CEO Peggy Taillon's Ted talk about the Power of Empathy

Peggy Taillon: A passionate advocate for equality and social justice, a dynamic and compelling public speaker, Peggy believes we can create a strong, resilient, and caring nation that values the well-being and contributions of all its citizens.

Homelessness in Canada by the Numbers 2014

Canada is nearing an important crossroads in our response to homelessness. Since homelessness emerged as a significant problem – in fact, as a crisis – in the 1990s, with the withdrawal of the federal government’s investment in affordable housing, communities have struggled to respond. Declining wages (even minimum wage has not kept up with inflation in any jurisdiction in Canada), reduced benefit levels–including pensions and social assistance—and a shrinking supply of affordable housing have placed more and more Canadians at risk of homelessness.

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CTV News interview with HERA Mission's Peggy Taillon

The HERA Mission teams up with the Ottawa REDBLACKS and the Tumaini Children's Project aimed to help Kenyan youth stay healthy and educated.

The War on Drugo

War on Drugo was commissioned by the Global Commission on Drug Policy to continue the debate on drugs and highlight that our current strategy is failing. Prohibition has not lead to greater control, in fact the contrary; and criminalisation generates violence and suffering. We have thrown trillions of dollars at a ‘War on Drugs’ across four decades, yet illicit drug consumption continues to rise around the world, driving further criminal activity, corruption and the spread of infectious diseases.

Compassion can curb drug overdose, rally says

Lives can be saved by reducing the stigma around drug overdose and making an overdose-reversing drug more readily available, according to people at a rally in downtown Ottawa Friday, August 29, 2014.

Start the Conversation! An introduction to the Canadian Index of Wellbeing

Canada is at the threshold of a defining moment, a defining moment of change, a moment of innovation, and of clarity. This is the Canadian Index of Wellbeing, a new way of focusing on how we're doing in Canada: not just how much our economy is growing, but how well we live.

The Love of a Child

Kimothy Walker, from CTV Ottawa, joins W5 for a special story about love, family and helping others who are less fortunate.

Sustainability Blooming - Lessons from CRC

Health Equity Summit - Peggy Taillon

The National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH), the University of Saskatchewan, and the Canadian Council on Social Determinants of Health (CCSDH) held a Developing a Health Equity Agenda: From a Shared Vision to Policy and Practice Summit on May 13, 2013 in Saskatoon. This event brought together researchers, public health practitioners, policy makers and sector leaders in an effort to further advance health equity in Canada.

Chatham-Kent Social Determinants of Health

This video highlights that HEALTH is about much more than access to medical care. It highlights that everyone has different opportunities for health, largely influenced by their social and economic conditions. Using this broad view of health, the video describes actions that different non-health sectors can take. It encourages everyone -- teachers, builders, families, health professionals, business women, students, politicians . . . to start a conversation about health . . . and not talk about health care at all.

Aboriginal Poverty in Canada


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