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Building Sustainable Non Profits: The Waterloo Region Experience

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Centre for Research and Education in Human Services - Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries 2004

The purpose of this manual is to provide non-profit organizations of all types with practical strategies for building their capacity to weather sustainability challenges. This manual on sustainability is intended to be useful to non-profit organizations anywhere. At the same time, it arises directly out of the experiences of non-profit organizations in one particular community, Waterloo region.

The manual is available through Scholar Portal Books and other sources online.


A Code of Good Practice on Funding

Voluntary Sector Initiative, 2002 application-pdf

Once the Joint Accord Table had completed the Accord between the Federal Government and the Voluntary Sector, it addressed the second phase of its mandate - developing an implementation plan to give effect to the terms of the Accord. A Code of Good Practice on Funding was developed as one of the tools for enhancing practices related to the funding aspect of the Government-voluntary sector relationship. The code identifies the rationale for a Code on funding, the scope and application of the Code and the principles underlying it. As well, the Code identifies the practices that should be followed by the sectors - both individually and jointly - to enhance the funding relationship.

Visit the Voluntary Sector Initiative website for more information and reports.

Community Capacity Draining: The Impact of Current Funding Practices on Non-Profit Community Organizations

Prepared by Lynn Eakin, Lynn Eakin and Associates for Community Social Planning Council of Toronto May 2004 application-pdf

This report provides a framework to analyse in detail agency financing across programs, funders and organizations. The framework allows us to examine why and how community organizations are experiencing such high levels of financial distress. This report, along with the Code of Good Practice on Funding; and the emerging research profiling the difficulties facing the non profit sector, provide building blocks that lay the groundwork for funding reform.

The detailed data analysis provides new insight into the complex tangle of agency financing. The information learned significantly enhances and alters current understanding of the financing of non-profit community organizations and suggests clear directions for the reform of funding practices.


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