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Developing New Approaches to Funding Results

Service Canada, November 2005

This report contains concrete recommendations for streamlining the administration of agreements between Service Canada and third-party service providers. A Joint Service Canada/Voluntary Sector Working Group was created in September 2005 to review the policy context and develop a streamlined administrative process for agreements with Service Canada. The mandate also included the establishment of a permanent advisory committee to facilitate ongoing consultation between the voluntary sector and Service Canada. It is expected that the Joint Working Group will complement and inform the Task Force on Community Investments which is led by Social Development Canada.

A Task Force on Community Investments

A Task Force on Community Investments has been created in Social Development Canada to examine federal policies and practices related to the use of transfer payments and the funding of horizontal initiatives in support of community investments. The task force includes both federal government and voluntary sector representatives (2005).

For more information, visit the Voluntary Sector Initiative website.

Voluntary Sector Awareness Project (2005/2006)

CCSD is one of seven national organizations that have come together to launch a new project intended to raise awareness about the Canadian Voluntary Sector. The purpose of the Voluntary Sector Awareness Project (funded by Social Development Canada and led by Imagine Canada) is to generate dialogue and solicit feedback from a broad range of charities and non-profits and, over the summer of 2006, launch a public awareness campaign to be delivered by the sector utilizing communications resources provided by the project.

The Voluntary Sector Forum

The Voluntary Sector Forum is working to facilitate the establishment of provincial/territorial Finance Action Groups across Canada. These groups will address sector funding, with all funders, particularly the provincial/territorial governments and will be comprised of a range of sector organizations and will include funders. The goal for this project is to achieve positive changes in the challenges currently facing organizations. Each group will determine the most effective way to accomplish this goal. The Forum will provide access to the research and resources developed under the VSI, coordination, communication and liaison between groups and website space.

For more information on this please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Developing Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector (HRVS)

The goal of the HRVS project is to help voluntary sector organizations attract, support and keep skilled and committed paid staff. This is done by providing free, practical human resources management tools and information available on a bilingual website, HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector.


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