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The Caring Community: Accounting for the Impacts of Provincial Government Changes Community Reconstruction Project Final Report

The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria, March 2005

The Community Reconstruction Project is a study of the impacts of provincial government changes on vulnerable populations and on social services provided by non-profit agencies in British Columbia's Capital Region from July 2002 to January 2005. The findings from the study showed extensive evidence of harmful impacts on the clients and on the capacity of all of the participating agencies, and some evidence of helpful impacts affecting discrete populations. The report also makes recommendations for redressing the most damaging impacts and rebuilding the community's capacity to care.

For more Community Social Planning Council reports, visit their website.

Cornerstones of Community: Highlights of the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations (NSNVO)

Canadian Centre for Philanthropy (now Imagine Canada) September 2004

The NSNVO is a joint research initiative conducted by a consortium of organizations, with the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy serving as the project lead.

The National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations (NSNVO) is a four-year research project that is intended to build our understanding of the nonprofit and voluntary sector in Canada and its needs for capacity building. The project has two main objectives: to collect comprehensive information about the breadth of the sector in Canada, the various types of organizations that exist, and the benefits that they work to provide; and, to provide a preliminary assessment of the needs of organizations for assistance in building their capacity to achieve their missions.

The executive summary, full report and regional fact sheets are available at Imagine Canada's Library.

Cracks in the Foundation, Community Agency Survey 2003

A study of Toronto's community based human service sector Toronto Community and Neighbourhood Services, February 2004

This report documents changes in the way the community-based service sector in Toronto is funded and provides empirical data on the impact these changes are having on that sector. The results of the research reinforce the important role of the community-based service sector in the provision of human services in Toronto as well as helping the City of Toronto further its social development goals such as strengthening neighbourhoods, improving service planning and co-ordination and promoting civic engagement and participation. Clearly, the City has a vested interest in the long-term stability and capacity of the community-based sector, as a manager, funder and advocate of that sector.

Filling the Gap: Keeping Good Work Going Research findings and Recommendations regarding Voluntary Sector Project Sustainability in Atlantic Canada

Prepared by Bruce Pearce for The Brother T.I. Murphy Learning Resource Centre Inc. June 2004 .

This research report explores the theme of project sustainability in the voluntary, community-based sector in Atlantic Canada – including related factors, challenges, effective practices (examines practices of 17 organizations) and insights into the skills, resources, tools (Sustainability Checklist) and strategies which may be applied in future work on this subject.

Visit The Murphy Centre site for more reports and information.

Funding Matters: The Impact of Canada's New Funding Regime on Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Organizations

Katherine Scott, Canadian Council on Social Development, 2003

Funding Matters chronicles how the new funding regime for nonprofit and voluntary organizations in Canada has changed the way these organizations survive and thrive in what has become a competitive and volatile fiscal environment. This study assesses the impact of these important changes on the capacity and long-term sustainability of nonprofit and voluntary organizations. Divergent funding policies, competing regulations and labourious reporting practices are affecting the organizations' ability to pursue key goals, and too often, an organization's mission and core activities are being sidelined in the scramble for funding to stay in business.

Funding Matters … For Our Communities: Challenges and Opportunities for Funding Innovation in Canada's Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector

Katherine Scott and Deborah Pike, Canadian Council on Social Development, 2005

This report summarizes the findings of community-based workshops and presentations undertaken through the project, highlighting common themes and innovative community practices. It also documents different proposals for funding reform raised over the course of the project. This project was a dissemination initiative based on Funding Matters, the 2003 CCSD report on the impacts of the current funding regime on nonprofit and voluntary sector organizations in Canada.

For more information, see the Funding Matters main page.

Passion and Commitment Under Stress: Human Resource Issues in Canada's Non-profit Sector – A Synthesis Report

Ron Saunders. CPRN Research Series on Human Resources in the Non-profit Sector No¦5, January 2004

This synthesis report summarizes the key results of four papers on human resource issues in non-profit organizations, based on Statistics Canada's Workplace and Employee Survey. It identifies issues facing the non-profit sector that cut across CPRN work to date, and makes recommendations to funders, individual employers within the non-profit sector, and the sector as a whole. Areas where further research related to human resources in the non-profit sector would be helpful are also identified.

Visit Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) for more reports and information.

The Satellite Account of Nonprofit Institutions and Volunteering

An extensive data development initiative in Statistics Canada's System of National Accounts.

The primary aim of the satellite account is to clearly identify the economic contribution of Canada's nonprofit sector and allow for an increased understanding of its interaction with other sectors of the economy. The account contains a set of economic statistics describing Canada's nonprofit sector, including a set of standard economic accounts and a nonmarket extension to put an economic value on unpaid volunteer labour. The advisory committee guided the development of the satellite account through the sharing of knowledge, expertise and context relevant to the nonprofit sector.

Stastics Canada's Satellite Account of Non-profit Institutions and Volunteering, 2007.

Voluntary Sector Intiative's Satellite Account of Non-profit Institutions and Volunteering, 2003.

Shaken Foundations: The Weakening of Community Building Infrastructure in Toronto - Impacts of a five-year core funding freeze on Toronto's community-based social service organizations

Prepared by Rob Howarth for the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres. June 2003

This discussion paper documents the impact of a five-year core funding freeze on Toronto's community-based social service organizations, with recommendations for ensuring stable core funding required to support community infrastructure.

The Dance: Seeking, Administering and Accounting for Funding in the Volunteer Sector

by Anne Smith, President and CEO for the United Way of Alberta Capital Region. Muttart Foundation, The Muttart Fellowships 2003

This paper focuses on building an understanding of the current funding realities faced by charitable organizations and how these issues impact an agency's governance, operations and service delivery. It also discusses potential improvements which could enhance agency and funder efficiency and effectiveness.

The Policy and Practice Gap: Federal Government Practices Regarding Administrative Costs When Funding Voluntary Sector Organizations

Prepared by Lynn Eakin, Lynn Eakin and Associates, for the Voluntary Sector Forum, March 2005

This report outlines the results of a survey of 17 federal government programs related to the funding of administrative costs for voluntary sector organizations. The survey identified a significant gap between the policy for funding the voluntary sector articulated in the Code of Good Practice on Funding and the operating practices in many government departments.

The Status of Manitoba's Voluntary Sector: An Omnibus Survey Final Report

Prepared by: Child and Family Services Research Group, Faculty of Social Work, University of Manitoba, January 2003

This survey contains information which describes the strength, challenges and variety of the voluntary sector in Manitoba. It is based on responses from 1,286 organizations which replied to a mail survey.


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