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National Network on Partner Violence Against Immigrant & Visible Minority Women

About the National Network

The context of the national network project is provided by a completed study by the Canadian Council on Social Development on partner violence experienced by immigrant and visible minority women in Canada. The report, entitled "Nowhere to Turn? Responding to Parntner Violence Among Immigrant and Visible Minority Women", received broad support from more than 70 organizations in seven cities across six provinces who participated in focus group discussions and a two-day national forum. The study was funded by Justice Canada through the Voluntary Sector – Sectoral Involvement in Departmental Policy Development (SIDPD) initiative. This project is a follow-up to one of the key recommendations identified through the SIDPD study.

Major findings from the study indicated that immigrant and visible minority women who experienced abuse from their partners were the least likely to report incidents of abuse to the police and were the least likely to use the available social services. In order for immigrant and visible minority women to access social services and other helping agencies, they must feel confident that culturally appropriate, relevant assessment and effective intervention programs are in place to support them.

The research findings of the SIDPD study brought forth a number of key recommendations including the need to develop a service/ agency network in order to help facilitate ongoing collaborations. It was suggested that a network could ultimately help to link service providers; provide a way to share knowledge with frontline workers thus enhancing their understanding of the nature and causes of partner violence against immigrant and visible minority women; ensure support for victims through access to relevant and appropriate services; coordinate a more comprehensive response to victims; and, promote best practices.

This project is national in scope and will be targeting groups and organizations with a common goal and interest of addressing issues around partner violence against immigrant and visible minority women. These organizations include frontline service providers, community groups, law enforcement personnel and researchers.

Network Bulletin

Discussion Forum (currently offline)

This discussion forum is set up as an interactive tool for network participants to communicate with each other. Through this forum, network members will engage in debates and discussions on issues and concerns related to the broad subject of immigrant and visible minority women who experience partner violence.

The purpose of this discussion forum is to share information on woman abuse and children’s exposure to intimate violence in newcomer and racialized communities in order to respond sensitively and appropriately to such abuse, reduce the incidence and prevalence and promote the development of healthy intimate and family relationships.

Forum participation is limited to:

  • Frontline workers such as crisis response workers, supporters, intervention workers, police officers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, hospital social workers, settlement workers
  • Criminal justice workers
  • Experts
  • Advocates
  • Individuals who have direct contact with women in providing support
  • Individuals who intervene on behalf of women

Directory of Network Participants (currently offline)

The Directory is intended to be a comprehensive listing of network participants, their agencies and types of services available. All information published in the directory is done so with permission from individuals concerned and the appropriate sources. To start, the directory will include information from seven cities including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. The list will expand as the membership expands to other cities.



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