TRC: Walk for Reconcilation

from Rose LeMay, CFNHM
Indigenous Community Development
First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada

TRC ClosingEvents

On Sunday May 31, we have an opportunity to support reconciliation in Canada following residential schools. This is the last Truth and Reconciliation Commission national event, and the only national event in Ottawa. Please see below for more information, and on

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Big Data Next Act: Amplifying The Vox Populi

from, Howard Baldwin

Someday someone’s going to write a really terrific history of how technology affects politics, starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s grasp of radio, wandering through Jack Kennedy’s mastery of television, and concluding with Barack Obama’s use of social media in 2008 and big data in 2012.

The next election in the U.S. is more than a year away (which hasn’t stopped politicians from declaring their intentions), but folks in other countries are already thinking about how big data can influence their own federal elections in 2015. It looks like big data’s next act – after helping Obama in 2012 – is to amplify the vox populi (or as my language teacher Miss McNamara translated on the day we literally covered an entire blackboard with Latin phrases, the voice of the people).

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Crowdsourcing happiness to transform the world In 5 seconds

By: Giovanna Mingarelli

giovanna faya

Steve Jobs once said, “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!”

This is particularly relevant to the Millennial generation – the fiercely engaged group of 1.7 billion 15-to-30 year olds in the world – who are the most likely to take action for themselves, a group or cause they care about, given the right tools and incentives.

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Nation Building: It’s the small acts that bind us

Peggynew 400x400

What is nation building? CCSD’s President & CEO, Peggy Taillon, shares some thoughts

Canada has a rich heritage of leading in progressive ideas, translated into thoughtful policies, and moving them to action. This action takes a unique shape in communities across our diverse country.

Collective action in local communities, the large and small acts, define us, shape us and bring us closer together. It binds us as Canadians, respecting and celebrating what makes us uniquely diverse – and, of course, builds pride, ultimately building national unity and social cohesion.

Social cohesion is not just coexisting, or the absence of conflict, or a society that embraces the sameness of all its citizens.

Social cohesion is the ability to move forward in the same direction with shared purpose, while embracing our differences.

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Canadian universities to offer prestigious new scholarships—investing in Canada’s next generation of global leaders

from Community Foundations of Canada

March 2, 2015

OTTAWA – Canada’s universities, the Rideau Hall Foundation and Canada’s community foundation network are pleased to announce that more than 1,900 scholarships for university students will be funded through the new Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships. With initial investments of more than $40 million, including $10 million from the Government of Canada, this initiative will build a dynamic community of young global leaders in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth over the next four years.

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Consultations on the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan

There is an opportunity to participate as the Ontario government holds public roundtables on the new Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP). The lives of so many people in Ontario will be positively impacted by this initiative and now is the time to speak out.

This new program could help over three million Ontarians. The recent meeting in Kingston included groups that made compelling presentations on the need for the ORPP to provide a pension plan for the two out of three workers who have no workplace pension plan at all. Persuasive presentations were made in Peterborough as well.

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Adoption quest ended in smiles for Taillon family

by Mohammed Adam, Ottawa Citizen

Devlin and Peggy Taillon

In 2007, then-Ottawa Hospital executive Peggy Taillon embarked on an improbable year-long quest to adopt a child from Kenya. Against overwhelming odds, amid conflict and violence, she succeeded. The unlikely story of Taillon and son Devlin was told in pages of the Citizen in 2008. Six years later, Mohammed Adam catches up with the family to see how things turned out.

It is sundown, and I am sitting in Peggy Taillon’s kitchen sipping tea and listening to her talk about how adopting a child can change a life in a way one would never imagine.

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CCSD Wishes You A Happy Holidays


“The well-being of each member of society is linked to the success of society as a whole. In this way, social development is linked to nation building.”

We can reflect with pride in how we supported our mission in 2014: Nation Building through evidence, collaboration and design.

Working with partners and colleagues from all sectors, this year has been transformative for the CCSD. We engaged with Canadians and the international community in new ways, establishing ourselves in the social media world and crowdsourced civic engagement. Conferences and speaking opportunities took us across Canada and beyond, to Washington and Dublin. We re-established our long tradition of participation on the international front and took on a leadership role as Regional President, North America and Caribbean for the International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW). Our flagship Community Data Program continued to grow its unique data sets, affording communities access to evidence for sound social program decision making. And we added several new data consortia in communities across Canada – together, representing over half of Canada’s population.

As we look forward to our 95th year in 2015, we are honoured to serve Canadians and carry on our commitment to social justice, equality and effecting positive change.

On behalf of the team at the Canadian Council on Social Development, warm wishes for the holiday season to you and yours.

Peggy Taillon President & CEO
Canadian Council on Social Development

The age of loneliness is killing us

For the most social of creatures, the mammalian bee, there’s no such thing now as society. This will be our downfall

by George Monbiot, The Gaurdian

Man sitting on a bench

‘Social isolation is as potent a cause of early death as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Loneliness is twice as deadly as obesity.’
Photograph: Feri Lukas/Rex

What do we call this time? It’s not the information age: the collapse of popular education movements left a void filled by marketing and conspiracy theories. Like the stone age, iron age and space age, the digital age says plenty about our artefacts but little about society. The anthropocene, in which humans exert a major impact on the biosphere, fails to distinguish this century from the previous 20. What clear social change marks out our time from those that precede it? To me it’s obvious. This is the Age of Loneliness.

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A Day of Reckoning: Reaction to Attack on Ottawa

CanadianCrowd 900x479

Almost as immediately as the news broke and details began to flood in over social media, our collective shock overtook us, and then it began; this will be the day Canada will be changed, locked down, hostile, mistrusting.

Yes, before we even understand what happened, we heard calls for a dismantling of our open spaces, our democratic spaces, the spaces that define us. Lock down, be suspicious, report and avoid public spaces.

I say no.

We should collectively defy the fear-based response that could forever change us as a nation. As we seek answers and as they unfold over the coming days and weeks, our call should be for increased vigilance but not for a stripping of our collective civil liberties, the dismantling of our trust in one another, or a closing down of the spaces we share as citizens. We are better than that.

The world has changed, but our values as Canadians do not need to.

Canada is widely regarded as a moral compass, a unifying force in the global village. A truly Canadian response to this tragedy should reflect our shared values demonstrating our collective strength, trust and belief in the goodness of one another and that together we are stronger than anyone who would seek to tear us down.

Peggy Taillon, President and CEO, Canadian Council on Social Development

from Ottawa Citizen

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