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News Release: CCSD welcomes new Bow Valley Community Data Consortium to the Community Data Program

February 11, 2015Peggy Taillon, the Canadian Council on Social Development’s (CCSD) President and CEO, is pleased to announce the addition of a new data consortium joining the Community Data Program (CDP). The Bow Valley is now part of the data consortia family in Alberta, which includes Red Deer, Calgary and Wood Buffalo and represents over one third of Alberta’s population – about 1.4 million people.

“Developing the local social programs Canadians need is best done based on research, and that means reliable data,” said Peggy Taillon. “Our community data holdings are unique and continue to grow. The Bow Valley Consortium will be able to demonstrate evidence-based program development, effective use of resources and the well-being of their citizens. I extend a warm welcome to them.”

Members of the new consortium, which includes the communities of Banff and Canmore, will receive customized training as well as help in building their memberships. The CDP positions them to achieve their many objectives -- such as monitoring progress on a variety of community strategies related to housing, economic prosperity and social development. “The communities of the Bow Valley are very much looking forward to accessing an extensive range of data sets and products which, until now, have only been acquired on a very limited basis or not at all, due to cost,” said Alison Gerrits, manager of the Town of Banff’s Family and Community Support Services and Social Planning.

These new member communities reflect the diversity of CDP membership with populations from over one million to less than 10,000. With the new national network total of over 25 consortia, together, the communities represent 52.6 percent of the Canadian population – that’s over 17.6 million people.

CDP members benefit from access to Canada's largest and most diverse repository of community data – at the smallest geographies possible – as well as to tools and training to support data analysis and its use in social program planning and sound decision making. With low cost access to over $1 million in customized data, they can accurately monitor and report on social and economic development trends in their communities. They also have access to a Canada-wide network of municipal and community practitioners.

The network’s more than 1,900 registered users are found in municipal governments and non-profit organizations such as health and social services agencies, police, library & school boards, local economic development agencies, social planning councils, local United Way chapters and more.

Curious about what members do with our data? Check out our Community Snapshots for examples of how consortia make contributions to the betterment and well-being of their communities: www.ccsd.ca/index.php/enable/community-data-program/community-snapshots.

Want to bring evidence to your work? Start up your own Community Data Consortium or join an existing one. Visit www.ccsd.ca/index.php/enable/community-data-program.

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