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News Release: September 22, 2014 -- Canada’s Longest-Serving Social Institution Launches Crowdsourced Civic Engagement Campaign with New Ottawa-based Tech Startup

This summer, the Canadian Council on Social Development partnered with a new Canadian tech start up, Mcrowdsourcing Canada Inc. Mcrowdsourcing launched their new app, PlayMC2, in 68 countries worldwide on September 15, a next generation social media platform. Through this partnership, we are using MC2 to boost civic engagement.

MC2 is a very simple mobile platform that rewards people with points and prizes from over 300 companies for completing micro-actions – or rather, small acts – in support of activities they like and care about.

Social development is about improving the well-being of every person in society and building a better nation. How do we do that? Sometimes, it’s through large-scale initiatives. Most of the time, it’s through the millions of micro-actions we undertake every day.

mc2 logo 175x175Micro-actions range from simple activities like picking up the neighbour’s mail, to engaging seniors in community activities, making a donation to the food bank, or helping a colleague with a project at work, to name a few. Together, these small acts can have enormous impact on society.

The sum of all these activities form our Nation Building Quest, which is fundamental to CCSD’s mission: Nation Building through Evidence, Collaboration and Design. Our Nation Building Quest goal is to empower 50,000 Canadians to take actions, and capture them through the app, toward a better Canada by November 1st. To make this common good happen, we need your help!

Getting involved is as simple as sharing this opportunity with your network – family, friends, members, colleagues and supporters – inviting them to download MC2 and complete #nationbuilding micro-actions.

Get in on the action! Download MC2, register, search #nationbuilding micro-actions using the hashtag and get started! Do #nationbuilding micro-actions already in the app or create new ones. A how-to on MC2 is available below. Always use the #nationbuilding hashtag in your micro-actions – and have fun doing it!

We are really excited about this opportunity to work with you and our many partners on the nation building campaign to see where it can take us. We’ll be tracking our progress and providing updates.

How to download and get started on MC2.

How to get it

  • MC2 (Beta) is now live for free download in iTunes.
  • You can also search for it in iTunes under PlayMC2

What you'll need

  • An iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod + an internet or wifi connection

How to use MC2

  • Use your email address to create a profile
  • Link your facebook and twitter accounts
  • Complete your first microaction: "Take a Selfie"
  • Swipe down and check out the first featured #dignity microactions
  • Search for #dignity in the search box (remember to always use a hashtag! Search will not work otherwise)
  • Create a #dignity microaction by tapping on the pencil in the top right corner of the screen, take a photo of your action, describe it and tap 'send.' Other people will then be able to do your dignity microaction.
  • Give some love to the microactions you like by clicking on the 'heart' button in the top right corn
  • Repeat!
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mc2 pic2

Have questions? Find bugs? Check out our FAQ or contact our help department. You can also directly reach out to us as our early family via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Happy microacting!

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